VXRL Training

VXRL team has given two days workshop in Macao about Purple Team training and Hardware / IoT Hacking.


Day 1 (Alan and Anthony), VXRL team tailor-made this workshop for cyber security professionals to work on different scenarios from basic to advance level, to get hands-on experience in red team and blue team exercises. The Lab simulated an office environment with vulnerable applications as well as logging and monitoring systems. Students got the chance to attack the applications as red team and at same learned how to distinguish abnormal logs and alerts for hacking investigation. APT-simulator and corresponding open source monitoring software was introduced, the students got the chance to experience a Windows was attacked by APT, and what IOCs could be found and how YARA rules could be formulated.

VXRL Training

Day 2 (Captain, Tim and Chris), VXRL team has given the workshop about IoT and security. Students learned about JTAG and got the chance to experience chip-off and forensics techniques to read the corrupted devices like USB-thumb-drives. The team talked about analysis of firmware of IoT device, for example how to extract the sensitive information from it. Attacks by using Zigbee and HackRF were also demonstrated.

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