VX Village

Defcon 27 was in Vegas from 8-Aug to 11-Aug 2019, this year VXRL team held the VX Village (Variety eXploitation Village) in the conference.


Chip-off Village

Given a usb thumbdrive, using the T862++ IR Station to chipoff the chip, then use the adapters (PCBA control board bga153/169) to access the data and solve the challenges

Chip Off Stations

VXCON Badges / Soldering practice and BadUSB Workshop

Participants can practise soldering, sticking the LED on the badges and other small gadgets like little metal detector. Writing payloads for teensy to develop a badusb to do exploitation.

Chip Off Stations Metal Detector

Lockpicking with 3D Printer

Using autodesk to draw the TSA lock card to duplicate the card and unlock the TSA lock

VXCON Village

The venue is much larger than previous year, our village got a spacious area for different workshops. The chip-off village and soldering the little gadgets are impressive to the participants.

VX Village VX Village

Our team will continue to share different tricks and gadgets to the community and hope more and more people enjoy the village and workshop.

Alan Ho Anthony Lai



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