VXCON Village

VXCON Village

VXCON (Variety eXploitation) Village is held by VXRL Hong Kong. VXRL is founded by a group of passionate security researchers and white-hat hackers in Hong Kong. Our team has deep expertise in software and hardware security, and we have hands-on domain knowledge in several vertical industries. Our mission is to make the cyberspace a safe place for the future. Our village this time will cover not only chip-off technique but alos some hardware like SMD badge soldering skill. It is an in-depth hand-on playground.

DC27 Las Vegas - VXCON Village

Date: 8-11 August, 2019

Location: Paris, Ballys and Planet Hollywood Hotel, Las Vegas, US

Chip-off Village

Given a usb thumbdrive, using the T862++ IR Station to chipoff the chip, then use the adapters (PCBA control board bga153/169) to access the data and solve the challenges

infrared infrared

  • Fine-tune the position of IR light and the protection shield
  • Turn ON the IR machine and set below 300 °C
  • Put the iron plate with the USB board under the light
  • Use the soldering iron and the tweezers to move (push left and right) the chip once you see the smoke
  • Use the soldering iron and the dispenser to clean the chip
  • Turn Off the machine
  • infrared

  • Put the chip into the USB eMMC reader in correct direction
  • Retrieve the date from the chip for analysis
  • Use the common tools: Hex Editor, Python and APKTool to analyze the image file.
  • infrared

    BadUSB Workshop

    Writing payloads for teensy to develop a badusb to do exploitation

    Please find the instruction here

    Lockpicking with 3D Printer

    Using autodesk to draw the TSA lock card to duplicate the card and unlock the TSA lock

  • Register an account of using AutoDesk fusion
  • Bring your own laptop
  • Prepare a USB storage in Fat32 format to copy files from your laptop to printer
  • if you have any measurement tool, please bring it along

  • Video Instruction

    VXCON Badges / Soldering practice

    Participants can practise soldering, sticking the LED on the badges and other small gadgets

    - VXCON badge can be purchased at USD $20 by cash. (Original Price $25)
    - Traffic Light pack can be purchased at USD $40 by cash.

    vxcon badge

    vxcon badge


    8 August - Setup

    9 August - Morning Session 10:30 - 12:30 / Afternoon Session 14:30 - 17:00

    10 August - Morning Session 10:30 - 12:30 / Afternoon Session 14:30 - 17:00

    Call For Paper and Volunteers: Pls send email to captain[at]vxrl.org